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Biodiversity islands
Wholesome food
Two food paradigms

The Venue in France

The venue for the residential intensive field ecology module at the start of the course is an old Napoleonic farm close to the town of Poitiers, to the South of La Loire, about 2 hours drive to the East of La Rochelle. 

Poitiers is well connected nationally and internationally, and a bus service is available from Poitiers train station (2 hours SW of Paris on the Bordeaux line), or from the other transport options eg coach or airport. There are two buses a day from Poitiers train station which stop in the village closest to the farm. Details of bus times and where to get off will be provided on enrollment. From the bus stop, you can either be picked up or make your way to the venue on foot.


The Napoleonic farm with ancillary agricultural buildings, is set on the boundary between two agricultural paradigms. To the left are biodiverse woodlands, pastures, and the wetland called 'the marais', together with permaculture plots, and to the right, industrial agri-tech monocultures of France's prairie heartland. This provides the ideal location to use as our ecological base camp, from which to compare and contrast different modes of agricultural production within walking distance, from sustainable permaculture practices to the unsustainable industrial monocropping of export commodities with the fossil fuel, artificial fertiliser, and pesticides that this entails. 

Heterogeneous sward
Monoculture madness
Sunset over course venue
Zapatista inspiration


A collaborative & diverse group of 

tutors and facilitators

from Arts and Sciences

Mycelial explorations

Dr Alan Rayner

 Ecology, Bio*Art and Philosophy of

Natural Inclusion

 Arts and Ecology




Dr Alan Boldon

Francesco Fraioli
Italian / English

Shelley Castle
Ecological Arts 
Arts Activism

Field Lab

Filip Frontonay

Permaculture and Sustainable architecture.

Sustainable restoration.

French / English

Annie Emery

Natural medicines

Stephan Chatry

Permaculture and 

Sustainable Aesthetics.

Arts curator.

French / English

Dr Christian v.T. Taylor

Ecological Science

Biology &

Education for Sustainable Development.

French / English / German

Silvia Tello Bueno

Aesthetics of

Nature and Humans

Spanish / English

Dr. Federica Migliardo
Arts-Science Transdisciplinarity
Philosophy, Physics

Italian / English / French

Dr. Tom Wakeford
Participatory action research in practice.
Democratic control of science and technology.
Post-white supremacist,
Post-capitalist futures
Spanish / English

Dr. Kevan Manwaring
Ecological Literature
Nature writing

Creative writing

Dr. Linda Long
Molecular Music
Biology & Biochemistry

Francesco De Zuani Cassina
PhD Student in Physics and Sustainability
Italian / English

Lorenzo Miani
PhD Student in Physics and Sustainability
Italian / English

Coby Vanderwall
Computer Science, Ecology and Mycology, Biomimicry

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